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Metal meteor

Metal meteorite

RARE METEORITE FOUND. An extraterristrial object was found by a team of prospectors scanning the uninhabited hilltop 20km from Telupid town in Sabah with metal detector. In one of their treasure hunting trip along the trail of the infamous 2nd world war deathmarch route for buried treasure of POW and Japanese soldiers, unearthed 20cm below ground surface, an object, oval and conically shaped and weighing 300grams with a measurement 60mm by 70mm and 15mm thick at ellipsoidal center and gradually thinning towards the edge. Visible sign of ablation with a thin grayish fusion crust. Also visible are meltlines and tiny regmaglypts with scooped-out lump and chondrites. It is a solid metal that produces a monotonous sound when striked with a wooden pensil. The density and temperature correspond to that of Platinum and tested to paramagnetic order. It’s resistant to oxy-acetylene brazing torch that melts brass and mild steel. Or just a peculiar object found at a remote location.